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Quality Policy

Sleek Fashions is committed to achieve total customer satisfaction through.

  • Acceptable right quality.
  • Continual efforts for perfection and excellence.
  • Timely delivery of the finished goods.
  • Testing of production fabric in all ways and designs to verify the conformity to buyers’s quality specifications.
  • Checking for approval sample prior to production and verifying the style (against the buying model) fitting, Workmanship and recommending the changes and improvement if necessary.
  • Incorporation of changes and improvement suggested at approval stage is verified and confirmed before starting of production. the main objective is to detect the deviations if any from contractual specifications and detect the defects in advance and eliminate the possibility of post shipment rejection.

Sleek Fashions has a strict follow-up of the general factory norms.

  • No FORCED & CHILD LABOURS employed.
  • Sleek Fashions endeavors to be a socially and environmentally responsible company that meets the of concerns of its partners, Employees, the environment and the commmunities in which operates.
  • Our objectives in this area includes:
    • Create safe and beneficial work enviroment for our employees.
    • Minimize the environmental impact of our manufacturing facilities.
    • To be a socially responsible corporate citizen in the communities in which we operate.
    • Provide our partners with origin in which they can take great pride.